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Telemark - Ski and Streetwear

by Marcello Parmeggiani last modified 2008-06-20 15:11

The new generation of skiwear and equipment comes from Norway. Telemark brings you the latest in ski technology as well as stylish sports gear you can wear around town.

Experts describe Telemark's new "free-heel" ski as the new way to approach the slopes and judging by the reaction of ski enthusiasts they are right. Anyone who has tried it says it's like walking on skis, rather than the traditional 'heels clamped and away you go' type that has been the bane of many a beginner.

To find out more about specialist Telemark equipment go to the web sites indicated at the bottom of this page.
In the meantime here are some Telemark accessories you can flaunt around town.
Hueco from Fiveten is a rock shoe that won't look out of place on your high street. The particular shape of its heel as well as a sole in Stealth® C4 rubber mean that it's perfect for both gentle hikes and city tours.

jacketWhen it's time to cover up reach for this Beta AR jacket made by Arc'teryx. Made in triple-layer Gore-Tex® this jacket is ideal for all weather conditions, and when it's not needed it folds away neatly into your backpack - or handbag. puffaA must on the ski-slopes, padded coats and jackets are now making a comeback on the catwalks. This puffa jacket is just one from a wide range of coats of coats and jackets by Ciesse. And when the sun comes out just unzip the sleeves for a hip bodywarmer.

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