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Notes, thoughts and meditations on Italy

Leaving Lire Behind...

An affectionate look at the Italian lira and thoughts on the Euro to come . . .

Elena Guarneri

The beauty of Spring

Would you buy a painting from someone called Sandro Filipepi? What if you weren't even sure what it meant? If your answer is (understandably) no, then you've just turned down Botticelli's masterpiece Primavera.

Marcello Parmeggiani

Puppets at school

A no-strings approach to education in Reggio Emilia

Fabio Bonvicini

The Hitchhiker's Guide to Italy

"What's your road, man? -holyboy road, madman road, rainbow road, guppy road, any road." (Jack Kerouac - On the Road) We talk to Nicola De Gregorio, the organiser of the first ever hitchhiking race around Italy.

Marcello Parmeggiani

Santomato's Sculpture Garden

A seventeenth century Tuscan villa hosts one of the world's finest sculpture parks

Marcello Parmeggiani

Herbal cures for coughs and colds

Get rid of your coughs and colds the natural way. Just read on for a host of herbal remedies to get you into tip-top shape this winter

Dario Morgante

Send in the clowns... the Big Top is back!

Nouveau, new, contemporary - call it as you will, the circus is back in style. Take a ringside seat as we enjoy all the traditional fun of one of the oldest shows on earth . . .

Elena Guarneri

Osaka, Italy

East meets west in the current batch of Japanese-inspired buildings to be seen throughout Italy.

Elena Guarneri

Running around Italy

December means marathons in Italy - so put on your running shoes and get into gear . . .

Marcello Parmeggiani

Champions League Final fever in Milan

Thousands of Spanish and German fans are expected in Milan for the final of the Champions League. Go to Milan on May 23rd and celebrate soccer - European style.

Marcello Parmeggiani

If you wish upon a star . . .

If you wish upon a star . . . romantic souls all over Italy will be looking up on the Feast of Saint Lawrence (August 10th) to view the magnificent meteor shower known as "the tears of Saint Lawrence"

Enzo Sciuto

Hot wheels - cool cruising

Don't get stuck on the highway to hell, thanks to our summer driving tips.

Marcello Parmeggiani

Poetry in motion at the Circo Bidone

We go to the Mantua Literature Festival for a very special circus. The Circo Bidone, Europe's last horse-drawn circus, draws us into its magical world . . .

Elena Guarneri

Ravenna's Toy University


Francesco Tutino

The hunt for truffles begins

Discover the secrets of gathering truffles on a Sunday morning in Lunano

Joanne Birnbaum

Fun for everyone at Ravenna's toy museum

"Man doesn't stop playing because he grows old. But he grows old when he stops playing." Oscar Wilde's words ring true to Professor Baldassar, aka Roberto Papetti, the Provost of Ravenna's Marble University

Francesco Tutino

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