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A look at the sacred and profane side of Italy's traditional festivals and celebrations.

Go to Gubbio for the Corsa dei Ceri

The Corsa dei Ceri in Gubbio is one of Italy's liveliest traditional festivals. Join in the fun without facing the crowds thanks to our exciting report. All over Italy the beginning of the Lenten period is celebrated in a myriad of ways.

Marcello Parmeggiani

Passion on the streets

At Easter all over Italy people take to the streets for a series of evocative re-enactments of Christ's passion. Let's take the via crucis . . .

Marcello Parmeggiani


Condemned to death, thrown into the sea and even burnt. Don't call Amnesty . . . it's Carnival time!

Marcello Parmeggiani

A carousel of carnivals

Discover the ancient of heart of Sardinia by taking part in its carnival celebrations

Fabio Bonvicini

Milan takes a timeout!

Even Milan, the business heart of Italy, stops work for a day. We discover the street markets, traditions and churches dedicated to Milan's patron saint - Sant'Ambrogio.

Marcello Parmeggiani

Who's who in Commedia dell'Arte

Witty, bawdy and downright fun, we take a look at the genre which brought us Punch, Pierrot, Charlie Chaplin and - who knows - maybe even Homer Simpson . . .

Fabio Bonvicini

Midsummer Night's Dream

Shooting stars, dancing snakes and street art. There's something for everyone during the week of August 15th.

Marcello Parmeggiani

Spiders, songs and suffering in Salento

We go to the deep south of Italy where magic mixes with religion and celebration with suffering in a time-worn dance of the soul

Fabio Bonvicini

Repent, it's Lent

Ritual burnings and traditional feasts. AlI the customs of Lent

Marcello Parmeggiani

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