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Italiaplease.com is Italy's new tourism portal, your door to exciting, new, up-to-date information on what is happening in one of the most irresistible tourist destinations in the world.

Italy is a land of contrasts. Our job is to bring it to you the way it is, with all its historical, cultural and geographical disparities. And our hope is that you will come to feel that these apparent contradictions make Italy the beguiling country it is. Wherever you decide to go in Italy, whatever way you turn, you will always find something to take your breath away. Afterall millions of tourists can't be wrong.

Italiaplease.com stands out from the crowd thanks to the carefully selected and updated links leading directly to all the most useful tourist resources in Italy. It also features an indepth magazine bringing you all the latest news and views on art, fashion, food, design and much, much more from this rapidly evolving country.

has its own online community where you can meet up and talk with fellow internauts on the hottest subject: Italy. All roads lead to Italiaplease!

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