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Sugar and Spice

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Bring some sun into your kitchen with our mouth-watering recipes. The best of Italian seasonal cuisine.

Luscious Liguria

Get a taste of Liguria in these two delicious recipes - you'll be coming back for more!

Maria Linardi

A taste of Sardinia

Goblets good enough to eat? Pasta for desert? Have you a sweet tooth but no time to make your favourite cakes and buns? Join us on our culinary tour of Sardinia.

Maria Linardi

Coffee in company

Share a comforting cup of coffee with your closest friends in this traditional friendship cup all the way from Italy's Val d'Aosta

Marcello Parmeggiani

Sweet onions and hot peppers

Throughout its history Calabria has been crossed by Greeks, Arabs, Normans, Swabians, Bourbons and Aragonese. They have all left their mark on its cuisine which successfully mixes simple ingredients with sophisticated recipes. Read on for a taste of Calabria . .

Maria Linardi

Mamma mia! Mascarpone!

Add a touch of sophistication to your recipes with mouth-watering mascarpone cheese

Maria Linardi

Italian Christmas Cake

No Italian Christmas menu is complete without Panettone. Here's an easy-to-follow recipe to make your very own Italian Christmas cake

Maria Linardi

Orange Slices

Carnival in Ivrea is famous for its battle of the oranges. But what happens to the oranges once carnival is over? Italiaplease has a tasty idea

Maria Linardi

A taste of Alba

The Langhe are the undisputed gourmet capital of Italy and Alba and Bra are the joint (and rival) gourmet capitals of the Langhe. Join us as we graduate from the Academy of Taste

Maria Linardi

Flipped over frittata

Amaze your friends with this stunningly simple Ligurian-style frittata.

Maria Linardi

A food fit for kings

All about trout

Maria Linardi

A new look for vintage fruits

Make the most of the Autumn by going chestnut or pear gathering. And then delight your family and friends with these modern takes on some of nature's oldest fruits.

Maria Linardi

A feast of flowers

Treat yourself to a feast of courgette - or zucchini - flowers. Their delicate taste and elegant appearance will impress your guests and have them coming back for more.

Maria Linardi

Food and wine specialities of Montefeltro

Montefeltro still remains undiscovered by much of the outside world. Its food and wine culture is savoured by the local people and those who are adventurous enough to stray from the traditional tourist path. The food culture here in the region, thanks to the local people and initiatives such as 'Slow Food', remains untouched by globalisation.

Joanne Birnbaum

Nibbles from Naples

Treat your family and friends to a taste of Naples and discover there's more to making coffee than boiling water...

Maria Linardi

Honey on everything

Smooth, sticky and melt-in-your-mouth moreish, here is honey as you've never tasted it before. Try honey Calabrian style in two savoury dishes each with a tasty twist.

Maria Linardi

A taste of Autumn luxury

The best of Reggio Emilia's seasonal ingredients for two elegant dishes that will have you coming back for more

Maria Linardi

An Italian Christmas Dinner

Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without a slap-up festive dinner. We've made a place for you at our Christmas table and wish all of you a happy and peaceful Christmas

Maria Linardi

Pesto made perfect

We taste one of Italy's most famous - and best-loved - exports and uncover some royal roots . . .

Elena Guarneri

Artful artichokes

There's nothing quite as delicious as Italian-style artichokes. Impress your friends by learning how to cook them as the Romans do . . .

Maria Linardi

A Speciality from Montefeltro: 'fossa' or 'pit' cheese

This precious cheese is a speciality of Talamello and Sant'Agata Feltria in Montefeltro. Find out why this cheese is compared to gold and how it is used by the Italians in their cooking.

Joanne Birnbaum

Meals from the Middle Ages

Get a taste of the Middle Ages with our great gourmet recipes.

Maria Linardi

Scrumptious Squash

Call it pumpkin, call it squash, here is one of the most delicious - and versatile - vegetables known to man. And don't throw away the shell, you can use it as a vase, lantern, cup or ladle.

Maria Linardi

Baptism Cakes

Let's celebrate ItaliaPlease's arrival into the world with a traditional Italian baptism feast.

Maria Linardi

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