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A showcase of the best Italian goods from crafts to clothes and food to furniture..

Get into gear for the Serie A

As the Serie A new season kicks off discover how to get kitted out in all the best gear - via Internet, of course. (Or, as Naomi Klein might say, how to make your favourite team into a major profit-making multi-national company.)

Elena Guarneri

Zen and the art of Christmas shopping

In the year Japan dedicated to Italian culture, we take a look at some Japanese-inspired ideas for stocking-fillers and presents this Christmas

Elena Guarneri

Balsamic Modena

Modena is home to Ferrari, Pavarotti and that king of condiments - balsamic vinegar. Join the foodies at Balsamica 2001 and discover just what it is that makes balsamic vinegar so very, very special.

Marcello Parmeggiani

Salama - a not-so silly sausage

An age-old tradition which tickles taste buds to the present day. Straight from the Renaissance onto our tables. Ladies and gentlemen, Ferrara's finest salama.

Marcello Parmeggiani

The foodies' guide to mozzarella

Fresh Mozzarella di Bufala is one of Italy's best-kept secrets. Read on and find out more about its succulent success and how you can use it to make your mealtimes magic.

Elena Guarneri

Taste some of Tuscany's secret caviar - bottarga from Orbetello.

We go to Orbetello in the south of Tuscany and discover a local luxury that is in risk of dying out.

M. Carla Glotier

The season's best Italian wines

Autumn in Italy means one thing - wine. We asked the experts what to expect from this season's new wines.

Elena Guarneri

Specs appeal

From Benigni to Belushi - sunglasses are the epitome of cool. We go to Milan for MIDO - the international eyewear show - and discover all the latest trends in shades.

Elena Guarneri

Telemark - Ski and Streetwear

The new generation of skiwear and equipment comes from Norway. Telemark brings you the latest in ski technology as well as stylish sports gear you can wear around town.

Marcello Parmeggiani

Ferrari's fight against fakes

As the Ferrari team celebrate the second consecutive Formula One World Championship the marketing team gets ready to take all counterfeit merchandising by surprise.

Marcello Parmeggiani

On your bike!

Gigi and Gianni were friends. Gigi made window frames and Gianni was a carpenter. One day Gigi pointed out that although you can make window frames from either metal or wood bicycles can only be made from metal

Marcello Parmeggiani

Lady in red

The next date on the 2001 Formula 1 World Championship calendar is the San Marino Grand Prix. As Ferrari fans await April 15th with baited breath we take a look at the Ferrari shop, open all day, all year.

Elena Guarneri

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